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The Dark Nebula is the home star system of the Dire Wraiths[1] and their home planet Wraithworld. It was "a galaxy where all physical laws are ruled by magic most black!"[2] The system's sorcerous sun gave birth to the Deathwings and many still reside there awaiting the call of the Dire Wraiths. The Galadorians placed a cloak around the Dark Nebula to prevent the sorcerous rays of the Black Sun from emanating out and once again empowering the Dire Wraiths. This cloak was maintained at a battle station known as "The Keep". This station would later be attacked by Doctor Dredd and the Black Sun removed from its prison and relocated above Galador.[3]

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  • Galactus was unable to devour Wraithworld or its Black Sun. In fact, both attempted to feed on Galactus himself.[2]
  • Wraithworld was "Neutralized" by Rom and banished to Limbo, thereby removing the source of the Dire Wraith's sorcerous abilities.[4]
  • It's possible that the Dark Nebula in which Wraithworld was located may not be the same place as the Dark Nebula where Xorr the God-Jewel spent most of the past one million years trapped in an asteroid.[5] However, more information is needed to either substantiate or disprove that distinction.

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