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Synopsis for "The Bridge, Chapter One"

Following the Skrull invasion of Earth, Mister Fantastic has begun constructing a device that he hopes will help him figure out how things went wrong. Meanwhile, Franklin and Valeria are being taken home after the Baxter Building was reconstructed following the Skrull attack. Inside the Baxter Building, the Thing and Human Torch are "helping" to unpack by shouting orders at Reed's reprogrammed Doombots. The Invisible Woman scolds them for not having the moving done as the children are on their way. When they wonder what Reed has been up to, they find him working in his lab. Sue scolds him from getting lost in his work, but he tells them that the device will help them. He explains that it observes alternate dimensions to see how different actions could have change recent history. He unveils his new invention, calling it the Bridge. Reed tells Sue that he needs to begin his experiment today, stressing the importance of his research.

As Reed prepares to enter the Bridge, an armored car pulls up in front of Baxter Building and a group of troops are deployed. As Reed enters the Bridge, the troops break in through the front door. Seeing them on the security cameras, the rest of the Fantastic Four recognize them as agents of HAMMER, the new spy agency formed by Norman Osborn. As Franklin, Valeria and Alicia arrive home, the HAMMER agents cut the power to the Baxter Building, causing a massive power surge within the Baxter Building. This traps Ben, Sue and Johnny in the elevator and when they break out they find themself on prehistoric Earth during one of the Celestial Hosts. Unaware of the happenings back home, Reed travels into the multiverse to see what he can learn from alternate realities.


Continuity Notes

  • The Fantastic Four find themselves on prehistoric Earth during the First Host of Celestials first mentioned in Eternals #1.

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