Quote1.png And so the newest incarnation of the Lethal Legion was born. ... And rage we did. Oh, how we raged. This was some old school villainy, we're talkin' about here. The king ya don't see no more. Mayhem for the sake of mayhem. Needless to say, we weren't nobodies anymore. In fact, I think if we'd continued like that, we would've been just fine. (But) he showed up. Our final member. ... Friggin' Wonder Man. Quote2.png
-- Tiger Shark

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  • Dr. Livingston


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Synopsis for "Lethal Legion"

On a stormy night, a helicopter pilot named Mr. Collins transports a lawyer Mr. Livingston to the Raft, while telling him about the supervillains imprisoned there and the high levels of security. He says even Doom has been imprisoned there but the lawyer says that cannot be true, as Doom has never been imprisoned on US soil. The lawyer has come to represent the Lethal Legion, and he is led to Eric Williams, the Grim Reaper, who believes there is a conspiracy at the Raft to have him killed. As if on cue, he is stabbed by another prisoner who claims it is revenge for what was done to Norman Osborn. He asks when will everyone wake up and realize that Osborn is the true villain.

Later, with Reaper in the infirmary undergoing surgery, Livingston speaks with Tiger Shark, who has been having panic attacks. He asks Tiger Shark to begin at the beginning. Tiger Shark relates how he was hired by Osborn to kill Deadpool, but then decided to try and blackmail Osborn, thinking he wouldn’t want it known that he hired a villain like Tiger Shark. Instead, Osborn, along with Bullseye (disguised as Hawkeye) and Scorpion (disguised as Spider-Man) beat Tiger Shark nearly to death and throw him out of a window, leaving him for dead.

Soon after he formed an alliance with Grim Reaper and the new Lethal Legion with the goal of taking down Osborn. He discusses the motivations of the other members: he says Nekra joined out of loyalty to the Grim Reaper; Grey Gargoyle and Mr. Hyde had personal grudges against Osborn; Absorbing Man never spoke about his motivations; and the Reaper himself just wanted to rage against authority, which Osborn now represented.

Tiger Shark says things were going well for a while until Grim Reaper allowed his brother Wonder Man to join the group.

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