Quote1.png We had kept Wonder Man in reserve, outta sight. Figurin' Osborn would never dream in a zillion years he'd hook up with us. His mistake. Wonder Man zipped outta there like a bat outta hell, holdin' on to Osborn the whole way like his life depended on it. And the Avengers? All they could do is look up in the sky, wonderin' what the hell just happened? Worked like a friggin' charm. Quote2.png
-- Absorbing Man

Appearing in "Lethal Legion (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • David Letterman (Only in flashback)
  • Julie (reporter) (Only in flashback)
  • Mr. Tillis




Synopsis for "Lethal Legion (Part 2)"

At the Raft where the Lethal Legion is incarcerated, the lawyer Livingston goes to talk to Wonder Man, and asks how he ended up joining the Lethal Legion in the first place. In a flashback, a disheveled and depressed Wonder Man watches his reputation sink after speaking out publicly against Norman Osborn and his new Avengers. He is visited by his brother Eric Williams, the Grim Reaper, with whom he immediately gets into a brawl that destroys his apartment. Finally Eric reveals he wants to work with Simon to bring down Norman Osborn.

In the present, Wonder Man explains to the lawyer that he hoped to work alongisde Eric’s new Lethal Legion and influence them for the better. Together they devised a plan to kidnap Norman Osborn and hand him over to Nick Fury, except that Absorbing Man left the group, unwilling to work with an ex-Avenger.

Livingston next speaks with Absorbing Man, after he knocks out Man-Bull in a prison boxing match. Creel says he knows he’s a super villain, but could not abide Norman Osborn having power because of his irresponsibility. So he finally came back to the Lethal Legion and agreed to work with them. While the main team engaged Osborn’s Dark Avengers directly, Absorbing Man infiltrated Osborn’s office and absorbed the Sentry’s power, allowing him to distract him enough to allow Wonder Man to fly in, abduct Osborn, and fly away.

Absorbing Man says it would have worked except they were sold out by someone, but he doesn’t know who. He alludes to an affair between Nekra and Hyde, which prompts Livingston to go talk to her next. Unfortunately Nekra has just received word that Grim Reaper has died, putting her into a state of shock.


Put up your dukes as Wonder Man joins the fight…or is that starts one? Find out what was big enough to bring heroes and villains together, who thinks they’re powerful enough to bring down Norman Osborn! The mystery unravels as the Lethal Legion gets closer to finding the traitor in their midst and it’s every man for himself!

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