Quote1 Mr. Negative was never born, so he is ever living! He is attached to nothing, thus one with all! Now that you Lao Fan have come to Chinatown -- I will choke the streets with your dead!! Quote2
-- Spider-Man after being corrupted by Mr. Negative

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Synopsis for "The Last Stand of Mr. Negative"

Martin Li was a Chinese illegal who went to United States in a boat with 200 other people. None of them survived the trip.

In the present, the Hood sends White Dragon to Chinatown to speak with Mister Negative. He tells him that his territory is now the Hood's and he wants 65% of all his business operations. Using his controlling abilities, Mister Negative possesses White Dragon and makes him attack the Hoods's hideout. Because of this, the Hood sends an army of superpowered villians to destroy Chinatown and take it by force.

When the attack fight between gangs begins, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) goes to check on Martin Li (Mister Negative's altruistic alter ego) and gets controlled by Mister Negative, helping him against the Hood's forces.

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