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Quote1.png Thanks, everyone. Time to deliver this evildoer to the police! (Or something.) Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man (Mac Gargan)

Appearing in "The Sinister Spider-Man, Chapter One: Women Love Him, Men Want to Be Him"

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Synopsis for "The Sinister Spider-Man, Chapter One: Women Love Him, Men Want to Be Him"

Geriatric Nazi supersoldier General Wolfram robs a bank, gloating about the supremacy of Nazi science. His boasting is cut short by Spider-Man - aka Mac Gargan, the host of the Venom symbiote - who easily defeats him. Gargan mentally relishes the popularity impersonating Spider-Man brings him, posing in front of a crowd and making out with a nearby woman, then carries Wolfram to a nearby rooftop and takes the stolen money. Wolfram drops the faux German accent and berates who he believes to be Spider-Man, but Gargan responds by transforming into Venom and attacking him, mentally griping that Wolfram's "furry suit" will get stuck in his teeth.

At the DB, Dexter Bennett proclaims he loves Spider-Man, to the confusion of his staff. Bennett declares that if the public loves him, so too must the media, talking down his staff's protests that they'd spent months accusing Spider-Man of murder. As Betty Brant walks off in disgust, Bennett demands a tabloid-style exposé on Spider-Man's personal life.

As Spider-Man, Gargan visits a strip club and hires a stripper called Cherry, paying her to change her name to "Candy" and mentally remarking that he'd once liked a girl named "Destiny" until she'd figured out he wasn't the real Spider-Man. He asks if anyone's been looking for Destiny, then asks Candy if she thinks anyone will look for her. When she asks him why he would ask that sort of question, Gargan snickers and sprouts a fanged mouth. Narrating his backstory, Gargan decides to finally get revenge on Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.

At a press conference, Mayor Jameson is confronted with the fact that under his term the crime rate in New York has risen. Jameson declares that those are merely projections if the city were to do nothing, and declares he intends to resolve the issue. After the conference, Jameson storms back into the city hall, furious that someone leaked the crime statistics to the media. As he passes Betty Brant, he refuses an interview but pauses long enough to offer her a position in his administration should she get tired of working for Bennett.

A nebbish man tailing after Jameson's entourage introduces himself as Doctor Shep Gunderson. Jameson immediately dismisses him until he's informed that Dr. Gunderson scheduled an appointment, but upon hearing that it's to discuss a super villain rehabilitation program he sends Gunderson away, saying that his mandate is to stop the criminals before they commit crimes.

At the Avengers Tower, Norman Osborn bursts into Mac Gargan's room to find him watching Candy dance to AC/DC music. Osborn demands to talk to Gargan alone in his office, berating him for going AWOL to stop a bank robbery. Gargan snidely dismisses Osborn's threat of reprisal if he continues to disobey orders, mentally making a note that the former Green Goblin just made his hit list.

At the hospital, General Wolfram awakens and is greeted by a skull-masked individual who introduces himself as the Redeemer, stating he's come to save him from himself.

Later, Jameson returns to his home in the Gracie Mansion, only to find his bedroom window smashed in and Candy's naked, mutilated corpse splayed on his bed, courtesy of Gargan.

At an undisclosed location, the Redeemer, Shep Gunderson, stands before a whiteboard with a crude illustration of Venom on it, stating that his mandate is to cure evil, but that Mayor Jameson was right when he said that rehabilitation isn't enough. The Redeemer, addressing General Wolfram, Hippo, Doctor Everything, Dementoid, and Eleven - all super villains who were mauled by Venom - declares that their objective is to find and "redeem" Spider-Man.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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