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Quote1.png Whatever life holds in store for me... I'll never forget this simple fact-- I can get any chick in this town. This is my gift. My curse. Who am I? Baby... I'm Spider-Man. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Mac Gargan)

Appearing in "WHAT THE ***** IS THIS **** ALL ABOUT?!"

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  • Chief Ibanez



Synopsis for "WHAT THE ***** IS THIS **** ALL ABOUT?!"

Mac is in the center of a free for all in Time Square against pretty much everyone he's faced so far - including Bullseye and Daken - with a dog lodged in his eye. The scene than switches to 18 hours ago before all the calamity.

Jameson angrily confronts Osborn about the incriminating evidence he has on Spider-Man, but Osborn assures him that the situation will be taken care of, noting that while Spider-Man is a hero Jameson is only a politician. After the mayor leaves, Osborn calls Bullseye and Daken, requesting that they bring their old costumes; he also asks Ms. Hand to organize a series of interviews for the list of replacement Spider-Men he has on file.

The Big Apple Festival is about to take place, and Spider-Man is supposed to swing in, wave at the public and make everyone feel safe, however he keeps getting "distracted" by the Miss Big Apple Contestants. Redeemer, Wolfram and Dementoid join the festival, having seen the commercial for it praising Spider-Man, and hatch a revenge scheme against him alongside the Rolling Sevens & Park Avenue Gangs, who the Redeemer contacted. Informing the gangsters that Spider-Man was responsible for the gang-war, the Redeemer gets them to arrange a truce for the purpose of killing Spider-Man.

Jameson is furious that the bands who signed up for the show, along with the beauty contestants, are missing. Jameson then introduces himself on stage to the crowd, and begins to bore his apathetic audience until Gargan swings in; the crowd bursts in applause. Bullseye and Daken watch from afar, discussing how they should have fun like the mayor said. Daken dares Bullsye to throw throws a nearby toy poodle directly into Gargan's left eye, then both assassins proceed to attack the Frightful Neighborhood Spider-Man, with the two gangs and Gunderson's group joining in the skirmish immediately.

Back to the present, Spider-Man becomes enraged, stating that "no one ruins a carnival on his watch," proceeding to throw Daken halfway up the side of a skyscraper, incapacitate the Redeemers, knock Bullseye out with a single punch to the head, and either eat, maim or web up the other gang members. Jameson then stops the fight by firing a shotgun into the air, telling them all to stop RIGHT NOW! The police chief notes that Spider-Man stopped Bullseye and captured the leaders of both gangs running amok in New York. Jameson wants to talk to Ibanez about Spider-Man and he agrees, proclaiming both Jameson and Spider-Man as heroes despite Gunderson's protests, which hurt more than support his claims.

Two days later Gargan is seen drinking a beer and watching T.V. in Avengers Tower. Norman tells him that Daken and Bullseye are home, and they will get over their anger. Gargan asks Osborn why he sent them to kill him, to which Norman replies that he was causing more trouble than he was worth. When Gargan continues to be flippant, Norman also threatens to suit up himself the next time Gargan causes trouble. Gargan transforms into his Venom form and accepts Norman's challenge before stating that he has a date to go to. Norman tells him there is a valuable lesson to be learned, and Gargan snidely retorts that it's if you start eating somebody, finish the job. The story ends with Spider-Man swinging through New York with three beautiful women alongside him, stating its both his gift and curse to be able to get any chick in this town, because he is Spider-Man!

Solicit Synopsis

Mac Gargan vs. well, just about everyone. The Dark Avengers! The Redeemers, er, Redeemers! J. Jonah Jameson! It's a fight to the finish as your Frightening Neighborhood Spider-Man eats as many people as possible in 22 pages.


  • This is the last issue of the Sinister Spider-Man limited series.

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