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Quote1.png That thing... That was once my wife. And if I was willing to do that to her... Just imagine what I'm going to do to you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dark Reign*The List: X-Men"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign*The List: X-Men"

Following an all-out war with Norman Osborn - director of the national peacekeeping organization H.A.M.M.E.R. - and his Dark Avengers, the X-Men left San Francisco. Raising the abandoned Asteroid M from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the X-Men declared it a haven for mutantkind, an island sanctuary free of Osborn's jurisdiction. But Norman is determined not to let the X-Men slip through his fingers so easily...particularly the two mutants among their number who betrayed him: Emma Frost and Namor, King of Atlantis.

Solicit Synopsis

The fallout of UTOPIA begins here. What else could Norman Osborn possibly do to the X-Men? ...CLASSIFIED... Plus, Matt Fraction's first Marvel story featuring the X-Men!


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