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Quote1.png What do we think? I mean, do we want know...clean up our act a little? Be their sort of Avengers? ... Guys? Can I get an answer -- ? What do you want to be? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Young Masters (Part 3)"

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  • Giant Robot

Synopsis for "Young Masters (Part 3)"

The Young Avengers, both first and new groups, have split up to take down different incursions made by Hydra. Stature and Big Zero are giant-size at the waters by the Brooklyn Bridge, taking on Hydra copters. The former demonstrates to the latter how she was taught in the Initiative how to ensure that their opponents can be captured without harm to anyone else; Patriot and Melter are taking on Hydra thugs. The latter is hesitant to use his power, which Patriots admires; Enchantress turns her Hydra opponents into toads, while explaining her origins to Hulkling and Wiccan; Wiccan turns the Hydra goons back to human; Hawkeye and Executioner destroy small robots in a warehouse; Speed and Coat of Arms tackle a giant Hydra mech; the latter explains to Speed that she found the coat that granted her her powers and inspired her to become an Avengers; Vision and Egghead take on a Hydra agents riding a jeep. However, the latter uses his phasing abilities to destroy the jeep. Vision insinuates that his programming is erratic, only for Egghead to shout that he is a person.

The Young Avengers return to the Avengers Mansion, where they discussed who should be part of their team. Patriot says that Melter is hiding something and obviously afraid of his powers; Hulking says that they should have Enchantress, though Wiccan says that they should train her in use of her powers; Speed wants Coat to join them, mostly because he still got feeling for her; Stature says that Big Zero just wears her Neo-Nazi tattoos for no reason, so they vote her out; Vision says that Egghead is a psychopathic and must be deactivated; Hawkeye elaborates on her time with Executioner. Apparently, he had somehow deduced her identity; she compares him to the Punisher. Now, she fears that the Young Masters may be a bad influence for their team.

At the Young Masters' Invisibly Mansion, Melter express her to his team that may be they should be a good type of Young Avengers, to which everyone, but Coat laughs at

Later, Executioner's mother, Princess Python, has come to check up on his. He shoves her away when she tries treating him like a child; her real reason was to see if he had managed to date Kate Bishop, to which he replies no.

This conversation is monitored by Osborn, who had people pose as Hydra. He tells his assistant to find out if either group killed anyone and wants to be informed if any calls.

Solicit Synopsis

Norman Osborn was sent to test the Marvel Universe, and now he's testing the Young Avengers, both wannabees and established, by sending his best and brightest against them, to show them that no good deed goes unpunished, and no bad deed unrewarded. And that dear old lady is still dead. And those tattoos indicate fascism. And the deeper the Young Avengers look into the group that would be them, the deeper that group looks back.

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