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Appearing in "The Gunslinger Born 1"

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  • New Earth (First appearance)
    • Mid-World (First appearance)
      • Desert (First appearance)
      • Barony of New Canaan (First appearance)
        • Gilead (First appearance)
          • Watchtower (First appearance)
            • Armory (First appearance)
    • Dark Tower (Referenced)

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Synopsis for "The Gunslinger Born 1"

During Roland Deschain's flight across the Mohaine Desert, he recalls the treachery of Marten Broadcloak, the sin of his mother, his test of manhood against his teacher Cort, and the night that followed. Includes a prose story in which Roland's teacher Vannay demonstrates to the boys the power and significance of The Beam.

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The book opens on the desert of Mohaine upon which the Man in Black is shown fleeing, possibly from Roland Deschain, who is not far behind. A narrator describes Roland and begins to tell the tale of his evolution as a gunslinger. The narrator then again describes Roland, but as a young man, as well as his peers, all of whom are training to be gunslingers under Cort. The lesson of the day deals with falconry and those students who test slow are reprimanded physically. After the lesson, Roland is subversively taunted by Marten Broadcloak who ushers him to speak with his mother, Gabrielle, after the two had obviously had sex.[1] The act is meant to push Roland emotionally into confronting Cort very early in his training in order to wear the guns of a true gunslinger and hoping he would fail, placing Roland into exile.[2] The move works and Roland goes to confront Cort, relenting to meet him in two hours with his weapon of choice; Cort with his "stick" (staff) and Roland with his hunting hawk, David.

Cort is taken surprise by the fact his student used his "friend" and Roland eventually wins the match, though David perishes after having inflicting massive damage to Cort's face. Cort then lectures Roland who is overeager to receive his guns and his words are headed, as Roland goes not go after Marten, at least right away. After burying David, Roland then goes to bed with a woman in order to fulfill his passage to manhood.[3] In his security, however, he is surprised to awake staring down the barrel of his own fathers gun which is leveled at his head.

Appearing in "The Sacred Geography of Mid-World"

Synopsis for "The Sacred Geography of Mid-World"

Map and article about the geography of Mid-World

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  4. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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