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Appearing in "All the Real Boys and Girls"

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Synopsis for "All the Real Boys and Girls"

Somewhere, somewhen, Ben Reilly and Janine Godbe are walking through Manhattan and stop to admire Christmas decorations. Their conversation is interrupted by Peter and Mary Jane sporting nightmarish rictus grins, as Peter tells Ben that they're taking back all of his stuff, laughing maniacally as Peter rips away Ben's hair. Peter dismisses it as "trash" before throws it away before removing Ben's mouth when he tries to protest. MJ grabs a defensive Janine and tells her girls who stand up for themselves get locked up, and Janine is suddenly trapped behind the store window posed like a Mannequin dressed in a prison jumpsuit. With a sadistic quip, Peter removes Ben's eyes before opening Ben's head to pluck out his brain, saying what he really wants are the memories Ben copied from him. Left trapped behind the store window as Peter and MJ laugh maniacally, Ben awakens from his nightmare and is approached by Madelyne Pryor. As Ben says he's never sleeping in Limbo again, Madelyne warns him that particularly negative emotions have greater power in Limbo and states she's harnessed her own into the Scythe of Sorrows, a weapon doubling as regalia of her status as Limbo's ruler. To begin their mission above, Madelyne needs Ben to hone his inner turmoil to fuel her dark magic, and Ben pulls on his corrupted Chasm mask stating himself ready to begin. Madelyne is pleased, saying it is time for them to take back all that was stolen from them.

At the Coffee Bean, Peter is with Mary Jane, Liz Allan, Emily Lyman-Osborn, Carlie Cooper, Janice Lincoln, J. Jonah Jameson Randy Robertson, Robbie Robertson, and Flash Thompson, gathering to commemorate Harry Osborn's birthday and mourn his death and that of his clone.[1] Approaching Peter, MJ offers a truce for a coffee only for the cashier to tell Peter that his order has already been paid for. Turning to see a melancholic Norman Osborn standing outside, Peter goes to him with Norman not wanting to intrude. Despite Peter's assurance, Norman notes the gathering is to mourn Harry's clone, still feeling like he's being punished for his past sins and recalling having personally murdering Ben Reilly and how he laughed at his death in Peter's arms. Peter assures Norman that he's not that same man anymore, as the man he is now loved his son dearly, but Norman wonders if it was really Harry who gave his life to save him. Based on personal experiences, Peter is sure the clone was his own individual rather than the original revived, despite sharing Harry's name and memories, but assures Norman that being a clone didn't make him any less a real person or mean that he didn't love Norman like the original Harry had. Sadly remarking that he misses his son, Norman walks off into the night.

In Limbo, Chasm irritably remarks to Madelyne that he doesn't like surprises, and she blithely tells him not to be so grouchy. Madelyne reminds him that she has her own errands to run once he begins and has enlisted some extra help, to which Ben's retorts that such purpose is what Hallows' Eve is for. Madelyne notes that she and Janine share bitterness for the world's targeted ruination of them. Reminding Ben that what she seeks is in Krakoa's New York City base and she's forbidden from entering it with ill intent, Madelyne asks Ben if he wants Janine to go in alone. Ben doesn't want her hurt, but notes that the X-Men will know Madelyne betrayed them upon seeing her army. Madelyne rebuts that their reaction will author their story's end, throwing open the doors of her throne room to greet Eddie Brock. The King in Black snaps that she promised to take him to his son[2] and bluntly demanding she honor her end of their deal. Madelyne promises to uphold her end in exchange for his service in helping her, smiling sadistically as she asks Ben to close the door while she "helps" Eddie lighten the terrible weight on his mind.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, the X-Men walk down a crowded street as Jean bemoans that the ambient animosity is giving her a headache. As Bobby, Angelica, and Alex Summers playfully banter, Illyana Rasputina stops outside a store and grumbles that Christmas is weird when examining an elf decoration. The elf decoration grins with a mouth full of fangs and speaks "Textus tenebrarum," stunning Illyana before the elf resumes its original state. Jean asks if Illyana is OK, and uncertainly replies that everything is fine. In Limbo, Madelyne plays on a demonic pipe organ and leads her horde in chanting "Textus tenebrarum." Pausing, Madelyne tells Chasm and Janine that they've reached the point of no return, and that if she continues the demons of Limbo will launch an incursion into Earth. Ben and Janine tell her to play on, Madelyne cackling as she plays the final notes.

On Earth, Peter's Spider-Sense kicks into overdrive and Illyana realizes her worst fears have been confirmed as all over the city, inanimate objects are possessed by demons and go on a rampage, attempting to devour civilians while cracking sadistic jokes. As Spider-Man, Peter launches into action while shocked by the scale of the chaos. Elsewhere, Iceman asks Havok if he's heard from his ex-girlfriend lately, Marvel Girl sensing that the demons are Madelyne's but unable to sense her, as Cyclops believes they're not in the "benefit of the doubt" stage, berating Illyana for giving the throne of a Hell dimension to a woman going by the Goblin Queen. Illyana protests that Madelyne has changed for the better, before quietly recusing Madelyne for betraying her trust. Emerging from a portal into a back alley, Madelyne says the others now know her involvement and ask Hallows' Eve if she's ready. As Hallows' Eve want to be done immediately, Madelyne calls out for Eddie, snapping that they need their job to be done by the time Ben's finished his.

At Oscorp, Norman grimly watches a news report on the chaos before deciding to suit up as the Gold Goblin, but is confronted by Chasm, whose voice he notes is almost identical to Peter's. Chasm introduces himself as a resurrected Ben Reilly and explains that a while ago something happened to rob him of all of his and Peter's shared memories, leaving him with only misery and pain, remembering Norman's part in them all too well and snapping that he wants revenge. Norman activates his Gold Glider as a distraction to suit up, saying that while he wants nothing more than making amends for his past crimes, he'll fight to protect Peter. Norman dons his helmet while telling Chasm he's ready to fight, but Chasm pulls out an activator and reveals that he snuck into Oscorp disguised as Peter to sabotage all of Norman's equipment, causing the Gold Glider to self-destruct with Norman atop it. Before Norman can recover, Chasm says that Norman can make amends by dying and unleashes a brutal beatdown.

In the alley, Madelyne snaps for Eddie to show himself while reminding him of their agreement. Emerging from the shadows in his monstrous Venom form, Eddie - reverted to his revenge-obsessed villain phase and believing himself to still be bonded to the Venom symbiote - snarls that their agreement was before he learned Spider-Man was present. Lolling his symbiote-body's tongue, "Venom" exclaims that the time for "their" vengeance is finally at hand. As Eddie rushes past them, Madelyne grimly remarks to Hallows' Eve that she and Ben removed chunks of Eddie's memories to make him easier to manipulate, but evidently took away too much. Web-swinging into the night, Venom roars that he's going to eat Spider-Man's brains.

Solicit Synopsis


• The two most famous clones ever are back to take what’s theirs. Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor have had enough and are reigniting the INFERNO!

• Spider-Man and the X-Men are not ready for what’s coming, and what role does Venom have in all of this?

• The sun is setting, dusk is approaching, and it’s going to be a long night.

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