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Quote1.png My father's life is so small, so caught up in its own gravity. There's no scope. No vision. That's why I don't even want it. I want something else......something more. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Empire: Prelude"

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Synopsis for "Empire: Prelude"

In San Francisco, Daken visits a park where there are two protests going on: one for mutant rights and one against them. After some time he leaves the protest and walks past the store of a fortune teller, who reads tarot cards predicting his fate without ever seeing him. She prays for God to help him.

While he walks through the city, Daken remembers stories of a murderer who used to live in San Francisco and sent letters to the newspapers and had them printed. He then starts following Melita, thinking about how he could easily kill her if he wanted to, but how it would be a waste of his time. Finally, after following Melita to a club where she meets with Logan, he decides to leave. Daken thinks about how small and perspectiveless his father's life is. He wouldn't want to live it, he wants more.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The end of one journey marks the beginning of another, as Daken contemplates the road less traveled...a road of truth, desire...and empires.

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