Quote1 So I formed X-Force. And I told Wolverine to take his team and to kill. To kill the enemy before they could kill us. ... Because of X-Force, I think of things like genocide. I think of how I can use the worst of what we've faced as a weapon against our enemies. This is who I am now. ... When this is all said and done, we'll be cast out. By the X-Men, by the everyone. Quote2
-- Cyclops

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Both Scott and Emma are restless. The latter gets out of bed and stares out the window, remembering Beast's concern over the secrets they're keeping. Scott decides that it's time they "talk." Emma, however, pushes him away.

In the morning, Pixie, Armor, and Prodigy find Scott lying on the couch. They ask him if he has seen Emma, becauses she missed her class and her room is very quiet. In a panic, Scott quickly rushes there and finds a note stating that Emma has left to "kill" a man. Shocked, he alerts the Cuckoos to start searching for her. When he opens the door, he finds Emma standing there, having not gone through with her plan. They both decide to open up to each other. Going into Scott's mind, she sees the secrets locked inside his black box. He shows her that he reestablished X-Force as a black ops team to stay ahead of their enemies. However, things got out of hand as old enemies began to return from the dead, subsequently injuring, both mentally and physically, members of X-Force. He even endangered the lives of Hellion, Surge, and Boom Boom.

Emma, in turn, reveals her fling with Namor, her pattern of driving away her former students, and her association with Osborn's Cabal.

Opening up to each other has enabled both Scott and Emma to reconcile; they both promise to keep no more secrets.

Solicit Synopsis

Emma Frost’s secret dealings with the Cabal come to light and her life will never be the same.


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