Quote1.png What have they done? What have they done?! What have you done?! Quote2.png
-- Nate Grey

Appearing in "Journey to the Center of the Goblin, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Journey to the Center of the Goblin, Part 2"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

X-MAN, A.K.A. NATE GRAY IS BACK! Sadly, the X-Men that he first encounters are Norman Osborn’s X-Men and they don’t like the idea of an Omega-level mutant that won’t tow the company line. Do they have a chance of defeating X-Man? And if they don’t, what does that mean to Osborn’s agenda?


  • The main characters of the story are given short descriptions, the last line of which is also a Rolling Stones song (although Norman's "Man of wealth and taste" is a lyric instead of the song title).

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