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Quote1.png So very impressive, so very earnest! I don't know why I'm even bothering. I'm clearly going to get my butt kicked. But there's one I don't understand. Bob -- why are you doing with these guys? Back in the day, we were partners, weren't we? ... They called us 'X-Man and the Sentry'. We fought the Brood, Galactus, the rogue Thor -- the Void -- Quote2.png

Appearing in "Journey To The Center of the Goblin, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Journey To The Center of the Goblin, Part Three"

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Nate Grey, a.k.a., X-Man is back and he is not happy with the state of affairs in the Marvel Universe. So he goes straight to the man responsible—Norman Osborn—and it’s not for a nice chat. It’s X-Man vs. the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men. Can this Omega class mutant survive this matchup? Find out here!


  • Like previous issues, song titles are used to describe the characters, with this issue's being songs performed by Kate Bush.

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