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Quote1.png Osborn's mind? You really have dialed the wrong number. I'm glad it's a mistake though. And not a rescue attempt. I mean, I'd hate to have to be indebted -- to those I'm about to kill! Quote2.png
Green Goblin persona

Appearing in "Journey To The Center Of The Goblin, Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Journey To The Center Of The Goblin, Part Four"

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Solicit Synopsis

What has X-Man done to Norman Osborn? Whatever it is, it must be extreme because the Dark X-Men are making a journey into Osborn’s mind to fix it! But once they’re in, can they survive the depths of madness they find in the dark corners of Norman’s mental minefield?


  • Similar to previous issues in this series, the characters are listed with song titles as descriptors. This issue's are songs by David Bowie.

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