Quote1 That's enough. You don't get to do 'one day.' Tomorrow belongs to me. Quote2
-- Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Journey to the Center of the Goblin (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Journey to the Center of the Goblin (Conclusion)"

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Solicit Synopsis

It’s the final showdown between the Dark X-Men and X-Man, all within the mind of Norman Osborn. Can the rag-tag group of villains take down the nigh-omnipotent Omega-level mutant while keeping Osborn sane? Or will this battle be what finally tips Norman over the brink forever?


  • All of the sound effects in this issue use the names of noted psychologists (Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Hermann Rorschach).
  • While previous issues used song titles by artists to describe the characters, this issue uses unique song titles in the descriptions.

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