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Synopsis for "Heart of the Hawk Part III : Masks"

It seems Darkhawk is about to be killed at the hands of Tombstone just as St. Johnny appears and blasts Tombstone ,thus saving Darkhawk. Tombstone leaves with the amulet. Johnny patches up a bleeding Darkhawk who then disguises himself in order to visit his brothers at the hospital. DH is unable to change back into Chris or heal himself while suffering intense pain and leaking energy. Meanwhile in the courtroom, Broderick Bazin gives a full account of his father's crimes including murder. Mr. Bazin surmises that it must have been his daughter allegra who convinced Broderick to confess. The court renders its verdict. The defense demands a retrial but Savage Steel immediately busts through the wall and attacks Mr. Bazin. Darkhawk enters and subdues Savage Steel revealing his secret identity. Just then as Mr. Bazin attempts escape via helicopter, Mike Powell pursues him onboard.

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