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Quote1.png It ends here. The day I became Darkhawk! Dad...he wasn't a killer...If only he was still alive,if only I could hug him one more time. Quote2.png
Chris Powell

Appearing in "Heart Of The Hawk: Part 6of6: The Return"

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Synopsis for "Heart Of The Hawk: Part 6of6: The Return"

Darkhawk escapes the island by hijacking a plane. Tombstone takes the amulet to a psychic who concludes that the amulet only responds to a "rare soul" suddenly Darkhawk busts in on them, by sensing the amulet. The psychic says that he's the one, and Darkhawk attacks Tombstone. Their fight leads to a basement where DH is able to use the infrastructure to his advantage, thus taking back the amulet. DH returns to the hospital where his brother Jon tells him that "Mom is missing". DH confronts Harry Lennox and convinces him to reveal where Grace Powell is being held. Near death, DH tries reverting into Chris and healing but is still unable to do so until he reads the remainder of his father's diary revealing the secrets of his dealings with Bazin. With DH healed, he goes and rescues Grace and they return to the hospital to see Jason Powell.

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