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Synopsis for "Mutant Agenda"

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants plots their revenge on any X-affiliated team member. Toad leads the team and the others watch on. Sauron is getting very impatient and says that he wants to attack them now. Phantazia tells him to listen to Toad. Blob and Pyro are training and Toad tells them all to listen. He says that the way to get vengeance, power and much more is through Darkhawk.

Meanwhile, a group of Genetech scientists look at various items they have on loan from the Vault, a prison for super-criminals. Dr. Lutwin examines some of the equipment and remarks that it resembles Darkhawk's armor. She grabs a laser knife and turns it on and suddenly, a portal appears and a man on a motorcycle drives out. He yells at her to stop. He announces his name is Portal and the equipment belongs to him. He knocks them out with a gas grenade and puts on a helmet. Then, a group of Guardsmen attack and tell him that he will not get away this time. They knock him down and the helmet falls off. Portal debates opening a portal to get away but cannot leave without the armor.

Elsewhere, Traci Fields begins her broadcast and learns of the fight between the Guardsmen and Portal. She starts to announce this on the air and Chris walks in. He hears her say Portal's name "Little Sky" and drops the coffee he has on Traci. She yells at him and he turns and runs out. He turns into Darkhawk and flies off to stop Portal.

Peter Parker takes a yelling from J. Jonah Jameson after asking for a raise for his photos he gets for the Bugle. A worker opens the door and tells them both that there is a rumble outside and that Portal is being attacked by Guardsmen. Jameson tells Parker that he will give him his raise of a dollar-a-photo if he brings in pictures of that. Parker leaves and changes into Spider-Man and takes off.

Portal is then caught by a Guardsmen net and then Sauron snips the net and sets Portal free. The rest of the Brotherhood arrive and help Portal fight off the Guardsmen. Sauron breaks one of their necks while Toad and Phantazia disorient them. Portal does not know who they are and takes off to save himself. Darkhawk then flies down in the middle of the fight and tells them they will stop. Sauron grabs him and tries to use his hypnotic gaze on Darkhawk. Spider-Man arrives and intervenes and knocks Sauron back. He crashes into Darkhawk and the Brotherhood quickly tries to surround them both. Portal finally puts on all his armor and opens a portal. Blob finds him and grabs him before he can escape. He throws Portal to the ground and tells him that he is there for the armor and he wants to know how to use it. Portal tells him that it is not the armor that opens the portals.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned amusement park where Powell first found the Darkhawk amulet, a man screams out. He says he is sorry that he ever became a Darkhawk. He yells out to no one to see if he can be spared. Then a voice says to betray Powell and deliver him. The man says he won't do it and the voice tells him then he will suffer now and forever.

Portal tells Blob that he will not be used and shoots at him. Blob falls through the floor and goes crashing through a few stories. Portal scans the fight below and thinks to himself that he cannot help Darkhawk and Spider-Man even though they saved him. He then opens a portal and goes through. Spider-Man is getting worried that Pyro's flame is getting too close. Darkhawk flies through the fire and stops him and then is grabbed by Sauron again. Portal suddenly appears and shoots him in the back. They finally take out the rest of the Brotherhood and are about to get Toad when Blob comes driving by and grabs the entire Brotherhood and drives off. Darkhawk thanks Portal and then says that he can help him and get him to the Fantastic Four or somewhere to try to learn more about the armor that Portal has. He agrees but then Sleepwalker shows up and says that the armor is his and that he swears that the armor shall be his.


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