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Quote1.png "All the $#!+ that you-your family have put the people I love through-you're going to pay for it! I'm sick of people like you,your father-they think they can do anything to anybody! Well, you can't! I'm going to make you stop! for good!" Quote2.png
Chris Powell

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Synopsis for "The Trap"

Broderick Bazin tries to manipulate Jason Powell into killing his brother, Chris, but Jason turns on him. Chris subdues Broderick. Grace receives an SOS call from the believed to be dead, Mike Powell revealing his location. Chris over hears and changes into Darkhawk to rescue his father,Mike, being held captive in San Fransisco. There, local resident Venom, is dishing out punishment to thugs in order to get an answer to who has been attempting to capture him. Darkhawk arrives on the scene and attacks Venom. Venom accuses him of being hired to capture him. Their fight is interrupted when they are hit with a heavy blast.

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