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Synopsis for "The Greater Evil!"

After a severe warning, Venom graciously decides not to kill Darkhawk again and instead webs him up. Darkhawk reverts back to Chris and slips out of the webs going after the Seekers. Cale reveals to Mike Powell that he wants to use the symbiote to kill criminals. Darkhawk extracts info on his father's new locale and is followed there by Venom. Darkhawk fends off the Seekers while venom infiltrates the hide out and confronts Cale. Meanwhile the transformed St. Johnny steals the Evil Hawk amulet from Captain America. As Venom is about to assault Cale, DH attacks him and proceeds to beat him unconscious. Cale is apprehended by Grace and her friend,Robin of the FBI. Darkhawk wishes to reunite with his father but is requested urgently by St. Johnny to return to the spaceship OCSH and stop Evil Hawk from reconfiguring himself. He contemplates revealing his secret identity to them or leaving to save the multiverse.

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