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Quote1 I've been through so much as Darkhawk... it's hard to know who I am without it. Quote2
Chris Powell

Appearing in "The Return"

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Synopsis for "The Return"

Chris Powell, formerly Darkhawk, continue to have dreams of his time as a the Raptor Darkhawk and his time in Null Space via the Tree of Shadows, however his amulet that is the source the Darkhawk suit is not working in turning him back into his powered Raptor self. He recalls his time as Darkhawk and learning of his father's crooked cop behaviour.

With his fiancé's persuasion he decides he will take the Amulet to Project Pegasus to be looked at.

Later Chris answers a radio dispatch taking him back to Wonderland where he originally found the Amulet. A trio of crooked cops intimidate him to become crooked like they are but he refuses and they are immediately ambushed by two Raptors. They take the amulet from Chris and one of them, Aceptar, transforms into the Darkhawk armor. Although it is actually Razor who has appeared.

Razor relives Chris' memories through the amulet with him in the Datasong. He tells Chris to call him Darkhawk and warns him of the Fraternity of Raptors, who are a fanatic group looking to harness Raptor power. He notes he differed from other true Raptors and broke free from the Tree of Shadows, not wanting the Fraternity of Raptors to rule the Galaxy. This act also severed Chris' connection to Darkhawk via the Amulet.

After breaking free Razor has fought many battles with other Raptors and the Fraternity of Raptors leading to his armor and body taking a severe toll. Razor requests that Chris join back with him as Darkhawk to take on the Fraternity of Raptors and he obliges. Although he notices when he is powered as Darkhawk he is still not present physically within the suit.

Elsewhere in space, Talonar is interuptted ina. court proceeding and warned that Darkhawk has come back. He eagerly awaits his return.

Solicit Synopsis

The RETURN Part 1 (OF 1)

Years ago, Chris Powell discovered a mysterious amulet that allowed him to transform into the spacefaring gladiator known as DARKHAWK. With his newfound edge against crime, he stood against some of the most extreme threats the Marvel Universe has to offer! Now, when two members of the Fraternity of Raptors descend on New York with designs on stealing the amulet and returning it to the stars, it’s not Darkhawk who has to rise to the challenge… it’s Chris Powell!

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