Quote1.png I absorb the power! God help me, all his foul knowledge, all his terrible powers -- flowing into me!! That which I hate most, I have become -- the better to destroy it! And now, I have the power to destroy them all! Quote2.png
-- Switchblade

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Synopsis for "Doomsday"

Ghost Rider and Frank Drake finally locate the Darkhold Redeemers, but right behind them is Switchblade. He battles Modred, and kills him and Vicki. But Modred was fighting under a geas,[1] that he couldn't leave the island of Maui, so he had taken some of it's soil with him. But when Switchblade absorbed Modred's power, he absorbed the geas as well, and as he died, Modred released the soil. Breaking the geas causes Switchblade excrutiating pain, giving the heroes a head start, to find the Darkhold before he does.


  • Double cover. The outer cover is a Darkhold envelope made of black parchment with gold ink. The inner cover is by Rurik and Downs.

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  1. A magical restriction.

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