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On the Brooklyn Bridge, half of the Midnight Sons are fighting numerous Lilin. They manage to kill Spitfire and Bad Timing. Morbius rejoins the group, and leads them to a burnt-out laboratory. Blade mentions that he is having trouble detecting the Lilin because Morbius and Modred are muddling his mystical sense. Elsewhere in the building, Modred trains Jinx to use magic.

At Doctor Strange's mansion, Vicki vomits in a bathroom and wonders why she feels queasy. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider insists on finding Morbius' group to warn them of the traitor.[Notes 1] However, Doctor Strange convinces him that leaving the mansion will attract Zarathos and Lilith. The group speculates on who the traitor could be, and Ghost Rider reveals he left a small warning for the others.

Back at the lab, Louise finds this warning: the imprint of a chain stamped into the ground. She understands it came from Ghost Rider, searches for more clues, and finds a burnt scrap of paper with Morbius' name. She then realizes that Morbius should not be affecting Blade's mystical sense, because his powers are supposed to be scientific in nature.[Notes 2] Louise turns and is attacked by Morbius.

Nearby, Meatmarket attacks Drake and Blade. Drake runs to tell the others, and finds Louise laying in a pool of blood. He misunderstands her dying words and believes Modred was the one who betrayed them. Zarathos, Lilith, and various Lilin arrive. Modred and Jinx combine their powers with a "magnifying maneuver" and attack the villains. Drake returns and accuses Modred of killing Jinx's grandmother. Jinx turns on Modred, but their spell creates a feedback loop and knocks them out. Drake is attacked by Morbius from behind, and realizes his mistake.


  1. In Marvel Comics Presents #143, Ghost Rider was inadvertently teleported to the laboratory and overheard the Lilin discussing a traitor in the Midnight Sons.
  2. Morbius was infected with Lilin blood in Morbius: The Living Vampire #1, and subsequently possessed by Bloodthirst.

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