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Quote1.png I am called Modred...and I bid thee heed by warning -- doings most ghastly lie ahead -- gastly to perfection! Quote2.png

Appearing in "For God and Country"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Deities and Invocations:

  • Enamorath (Invoked)
  • Emmoreth (Invoked)
  • Ba'al (Invoked)
  • Set (Invoked)
  • Elianath (Invoked)

Races and Species:



Events and Eras:

Synopsis for "For God and Country"

The Darkhold Redeemers track down Morty who was given a Gamma Bomb by General Hamilton because he believed that America has lost it's way. They manage to defuse the bomb, but when Morty eats the Darkhold Page, he is killed by a hellhound, who is then itself consumed by the page.


  • In a complete nod to the movie Aliens as well as Mel Brooks movies, Lt. Eubych is given the name just to make a joke, as he is about to shoot Vicki in the head, Louise gets in a gigantic suit of armor and tells him "Get away from her, Eubych!"

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