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Latverian Pacifist Society
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Mobile through Balkan states including Latveria, Transia and Symkaria
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Wolfgang Kriegslieber
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The Darkholders were an evil cult active in several Central European countries. Their ultimate goal was the resurrection of their god, Chthon, so that he could take over the world. To that end, they stole a mystical item known as Dragon's Eye from a museum at Monaco (An independent thief known as Black Fox had the same item in his sights, but failed to enact his heist before the Darkholders did so.

Pretending to be a Latverian non-violent organization, the Darkholders recruited Wolfgang Kriegslieber, an ex-Nazi scientist developing pacifying robots for the Latverian government of Doctor Doom. The Darkholders explained Kriegslieber that Doom intended to use the new robot, Doomsman III, for agressive purposes. In exchange for his undercover collaboration, the Darkholders promised to protect Kriegslieber and also to find his family, that had been captured by the Nazis during World War II.

The Darkholders wanted for Chthon to possess the powerful Doomsman. To do so, the Doomsman was to be powered by the Dragon's Eye. They convinced Kriegslieber to modify the Doomsman's designs to allow this, explaining that they had used the Dragon's Eye to end both World Wars - which was likely a lie. The Darkholders also claimed that they would use the Doomsman to stop wars through the planet, never telling Kriegslieber that Chthon would control the robot to wreck havoc at will.

At the same time, the Darkholders tried proselitizying through several countries like Transia and Symkaria, finding little popular support - The press reported that the citizens were enraged at the Darkholder's worlds, apparently leading to violence against them and further arrests.

Doctor Doom discovered that one of his scientists was working for the Darkholders and suspected that it was Kriesglieber. He nonetheless continued with his plans to build and activate the Doomsman in a secret underground base in the United States of America - Doom intended to test the loyalty of Kriegslieber, the resources of the Darkholders and the capabilities of the Doomsman at the same time.

When Kriesglieber finished the robot, Darkholder high-ranking member Bane travelled to the States to pick up both the scientist and his creation. A team of superheroes investigating Doom's illegal activities clashed with Bane at the gates of Doom's lair. Doom was secretly monitoring the situation, knowing that he could stun Bane should he interfered with his plans which, at that point, included the heroes discovering the base.

As the heroes researched Kriesglieber's lair, they confronted a robot impersonating Doom. Kriesglieber, misunderstanding the situation, panicked and teleported away with the robot. The Doombot blamed the heroes and explained that the Darkholders would probably unleash the robot in Latveria's capital, Doomstadt. This allowed for Doom to recruit the heroes in an effort to stop the Doomsman. Doom still had one more ace: He could probably activate the Doomsman's self-destruct mechanism should the situation go wild.

The Darkholders indeed took the Doomsman to Latveria to attack Doomstadt. Following their scheme, they used the Dragon's Eye to power the machine with mystical energies. The robot attacked Doomstadt, finding the opposition of Doom's robots and the superheroes. The superheroes prevailed and the Doomsman was stopped. Kriesglieber, seeing the Pacifist Society's true colors, defected and escaped.

The Darkholders wanted to get revenge on the heroes and tried a number of schemes against them, including one where they intended to discover their secret identities to black mail them.

Doom analyzed the disabled Doomsman's memory and discovered one of the Darkholder's lairs. He then persuaded the heroes to track Kriesglieber to that point. Their effort clashed with those of Silver Sable, a Symkarian Nazi-hunter who was pursuing Kriesglieber for his other past crimes. The Darkholders were also after Kriesglieber at this point and complicated the encounter even more.


Equipment: The Darkholders tended to use mystical items like the Dragon's Eye
Transportation: Certain members of the Darkholders, including Bane and Kriegslieber, moved using Teleportation spells
Weapons: The Darkholders tended to use magic as weapons


One of the divergences between Earth-TRN564 and Earth-616 is that, in Earth-TRN564, the Darkholders stole the Dragon's Eye before the Black Fox could. In Earth-616, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #349, the Fox stole the Eye.

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