The Darkmoor Energy Research Centre is a high security complex located somewhere in the north of England, on Darkmoor-an area steeped in myths and legends and also the site of a stone circle of great mystical power (the Centre, in fact, is only a comparatively short distance from the circle, though whether this was deliberate is a matter for speculation). The Centre, which was established in 1976 according to a plaque on the main gate, exists to explore new and revolutionary forms of energy research and has in the past run projects involving new methods of nuclear fusion and generating energy from the controlled detonation of antimatter particles. Headed by Dr Hugo Travis, the Centre has at one time or another employed some of Britain's most gifted scientists, and also employs a squad of highly trained security personnel, all of them former members of the S.A.S.[2]

Several years ago, the criminal Reaver attempted to plunder the Research Centre's secrets but was thwarted by the efforts of Captain Britain, who as Brian Braddock was a physics student then working as assistant to Dr Travis. Dr Travis was injured in the attack and the Centre suffered some damage, after which its security appears to have been increased.[2]

Years later, Braddock returned to the Darkmoor Centre and filled in as head researcher for awhile during a period in which he had lost his powers, and used the Centre's resources to investigate the Black Knight's new, mystically empowered equipment; when Braddock and several of his associates were attacked by forces loyal to the Mastermind Computer, he was able to use interdimensional technology developed at Darkmoor to follow them back to Otherworld.[4]

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Later still, when Dr Travis was back in charge, the Centre was attacked by the cyborg mercenary Assassin-8, who was in the pay of the Secret Empire and who almost caused an antimatter explosion whilst trying to escape from Captain Britain (Braddock having been called in to help with the antimatter project by Travis) and his associate Captain America (who, suspecting that the Centre would be the Empire's next target, had infiltrated it disguised as a janitor).[5]


Hugo Travis (Head of Research); (formerly) Brian Braddock (Head of Research); Meggan Braddock (guest); Black Knight (guest)

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