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Quote1 As a foundling, I was always confused living in a human's world. I never had a sense of belonging or understanding. But has all been made clear to me. ... These eggs were a precautionary measure...hidden from prying eyes... They have spent many months waiting to be fully birthed...waiting for a surrogate mother to raise them. I am that mother. I am their salvation! The Dire Wraiths will be reborn! Quote2
-- Fantasma

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Synopsis for "Fiery Revolution"

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Solicit Synopsis

The mini-series YOU demanded continues at a harrowing pace as forgotten teammates return to the fold and an ancient threat is reborn! Who are the Protectorate? Why do they hate the Winter Guard? What secrets are they keeping that could mean the end of The Winter Guard - and Russia as we know it? And -- The Presence makes a move! The Harvey Award-winning team behind “High Moon” brings you more tales of the greatest super heroes Russia has ever known!



  • Fantasma's 'big reveal' this issue was hinted back in INCREDIBLE HULK #393.

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