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Quote1.png I'm a senior officer of the armed forces, Reena. I've been trained for any and every situation. I'm doing what needs to be done. Besides, I'm the one thing our enemies won't expect! A badass bear with a hammer! Preved Medved! Quote2.png
-- Ursa Major

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Betrayed by one of their own, The Winter Guard now must confront a new threat that could mean the end of Russia as we know it! If you thought last issue's surprise was amazing, just wait until you see what the Presence has in store! The Harvey Award winning team behind “High Moon” brings you the conclusion to the miniseries that will leave you speechless. And, by the time this issue is over, you will believe a bear can fly!


  • Also includes the final portion of "A Plague Among Us", originally printed in X-Men Unlimited #28.


  • The phrase "Preved Medved" is Russian for "bear surprise" and is the basis of a Russian Internet meme.[1]

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