Darkstrider first appeared as the leader of a clan of Ninjas, the Warlords of the Web. His men attempted to assassinate Moon Sun, leader of a circus, who sought Shang-Chi's help against Darkstrider. Every member of Moon Sun's circus told Shang a different story about Darkstrider's background: In all versions, he was a ninja either hired to eliminate Moon Sun's circus or a farmer whose wife died from shock at seeing the circus creatures, which caused him to become a ninja and seek the circus' members death himself. After he was defeated by Shang-Chi, he left behind a piece of Moon Sun's robe, suggesting that they might have been the same person all along (and that the circus members were in fact the Warlords of the Web).[1]

A man named Darkstrider appeared in the service of Soustriker and Jade Claw. It is unclear whether this was the same person or a different six-armed man named Darkstrider.[2]


  • had six arms

  • Much is unclear about this character. His first appearance in 37 was a very allegorical story, suggesting that Darkstrider might have been Death or at least a metaphor for Death. His second appearance in 19 gives no explanation for the character whatsoever and does neither explain whether it is the same character nor solve any of the riddles from his previous appearance. Given that there is no evidence to the contrary, it has to be assumed that they are the same character.

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