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Quote1.png My name is Darla Deering, and I got my first recording contract when I was fourteen. By the time I was eighteen I had seven number-one hits, two golds, and one platinum record. I won a Grammy at nineteen, and ever since I could drive, I took home every Video Music Award that MTV ever nominated me for. I have twenty-nine million Yamblr followers. 67 million likes on Facespace. More people watched me on NewToob last year than go to the movies. And Bentley-23 is my friend. Quote2.png
Miss Thing to Blastaar[src]


Darla Deering was a pop star who dated Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

When Mr. Fantastic planned a trip through space and time, he tasked each member of the team to find a suitable replacement just in case, as the travel was through time, they would return four minutes after they departed.

As Johnny forgot to find one, he rushed to Darla's apartment and asked her to take his spot in the Fantastic Four, alongside Ant-Man (replacing Mr. Fantastic), Medusa (replacing the Invisible Woman) and She-Hulk (replacing The Thing), which she accepted. Four minutes after the Fantastic Four departed, they didn't return, prompting the newly cobbled together team to become the acting Fantastic Four and watch over the Future Foundation.[1]



  • Thing Rings: Two rings worn by Darla Deering that when touched together creates the Thing Exoskeleton around her.
  • Thing Exoskeleton: Darla wears Thing's Exoskeleton originally designed by Reed Richards during a time the Thing did not have his powers. It is modified with an open space instead of The Thing head piece with a piece of technology replicating Invisible Woman's force fields as a bubble helmet.

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