Darlene Wilson lived in Harlem, New York City, married Paul Wilson, a prominent minister. Together they had three children: Sam Wilson, Sarah Wilson, and Gideon Wilson.[2]

When Sam was sixteen, he refused to join the church, believing his deeply religious parents to be ignorant for their faith. To his surprise, rather than put up a fight, his parents provide him with books on different religions and comparative theology. The next night; however, Paul was killed trying to break up a neighborhood fight. Two years later, Darlene was shot and killed by a mugger one block from their apartment.[3][4]


  • Originally Sam's father, Paul Wilson was said to have been killed when Sam was nine years old and a teenager by the time his mother was killed.[2] It was later established that Paul was killed when Sam was sixteen and that his mother died two years later.[3] An even later explanation implied that Paul died when Sam was fourteen and his mother died the year after that.[5]

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