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Darnell Wade was born in Brooklyn and raised in multiple foster homes. Being passed from one home to another, Darnell took comfort in reading about the many superheroes based in New York.[1]

In his mid-20s, while working days at a secondhand clothing store, Darnell began moonlighting as Shade, a drag queen inspired by New York superheroes. With his best friend, Spillin' Tea-yana Taylor, Shade hosted a lip-sync night it Astoria. However, Shade's real ambition was to be the star of a drag queen competition show. Unfortunately, when Tea was selected as a drag competition contestant, she snubbed Shade on national television, ending their friendship and leaving Shade with nothing but an apartment with the electricity turned off and a desire to disappear. At that moment, Shade's mutant powers manifested, allowing him to control Darkforce energy to teleport himself and others.[1]

Excited by his new powers, Shade agreed to emcee New York's first Mutant Pride Parade.[2] He also helped the X-Men fend off Mister Sinister's mutant-Iceman-golems.[3]

Later, using his powers, Darnell went on a "shopping spree" with a friend that ended when the police arrived, Darnell losing his friend while he escaped through the Darkforce. Vowing to now only use his powers to bring light and joy into the world, Darnell has rebranded his drag/hero persona as Darkveil.[1]

Darkveil was next seen emceeing at Java A Go-Go during Iceman's birthday celebration.[1]



Darkforce Teleportation: Darnell is a mutant with the ability to teleport herself and others through the Darkforce Dimension.[2]




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