Darrel Daniel was the son of Millionaire Milo Daniel. Darrel was a playful child and loved to have fun and make people laugh, but was discouraged by his father. He struggled to make friends as most of the children resented his wealth. At age sixteen Darrel's father died. Darrel during the funeral burst out laughing when he saw his fathers body as the mortician was the only person that could put a smile on his father's face. This disgusted Zoe Daniel, his mother, who took him to Dr. Laslo Schact a psychiatrist.

When Darrel Daniel turned nineteen, he witnessed a traumatic event on TV. After that he decided that the world needed more laughter. Darrel Daniel met with Garvey, an owner of a carnival and tried to join and become a clown. Garvey, with hopes to get hold of Darrel's money, gave him a job and assigned Ayla Prentiss to teach him the craft. Darrel was a successful clown for a few years, and his feelings for Ayla Prentiss grew. Dr. Ted Sallis and Ellen Brandt visited Garvey's Carnival during this time.

Many years later Darrel overheard Garvey and Ayla Prentiss talking about his money which detroyed him. He believed Ayla Prentiss was using him to get a hold of his forutne. He changed the style of his act to reflect his new mood, using skulls and serpents in his show. This frightened the audience, so Darrel ran away from the carnival. Darrel was driven to Man-Thing's swamp, where shot himself in the head. Darrel's spirit emerged from his body, and the Critics, an extra-dimensional tribunal, informed him his soul must be judged according to an artistic retelling of his life's story.

During this time the Man-Thing found Darrel's corpse, and started to dig a grave for it. Ayla Prentiss went looking for him with the help of Richard Rory and Ruth Hart. Darrel's spirit led them to Man-Thing and his body.

Darrel's spirit also lured Garvey and Tragg to the swamp. When his old friends were assembled Darrel's spirit manifested again telling them they would help his soul find peace by re-enacting his life story for the Critics.

The three then began their judgement on his soul. His life was neither morally or artistically worth while and none of the critics wished him to enter Heaven, Hell, or the Realm Between. They decided that their only choice was to destroy his soul, sending it into the oblivion of nothingness.

Richard Rory tried to defend Daniel after witnessing his life, but the Critics warned him that if he interfered, his soul would also be destroyed. Man-Thing tried to attack the critics, which was pointless. Ayla Prentiss in a moment of supreme sacrifice offered her soul instead. This great gesture humbled the Critics and they decided to let him enter the Kingdom of Heaven[1].

Strength level

Average: Daniel Daniel possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise.

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