Darris Kimbro, the son of Lacy Kimbro became a police officer much to his father's pride. He attempted to investigate the whereabouts of the people kidnapped by the Hand when they acted under Daredevil's leadership, discovering they were taken to the dungeons beneath the Shadowland Fortress.

Darris and his partner were captured by the members of the Hand and taken to the same dungeons. His father Lacy, while trying to do something to help Darris, came across an old friend Luke Cage, and informed him about the dungeons. Cage assembled the Thunderbolts to rescue the prisoners while he joined the rest of Daredevil's friends in an attempt to talk to him.

The Thunderbolts, Songbird and Fixer, appointed as leaders of the group by Cage, had to leave the rest of members alone when Fixer was injured by some of the members of the Hand, and the rest of the group decided to continue the mission.

Ghost liberated the prisoners while Crossbones killed the ninjas just for fun, using a temporary power he acquired due to exposure to the Terrigen Mist. Darris, who was the leader of the prisoners, came across Crossbones, who also used his power to kill for two reasons, for being a cop, and out of simple racism.[1]


Darris Kimbro has no superhuman abilities. He has had police training, but due to being a beat cop, presumably hasn't had all that much real experience in combat and firearms.

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