Darryl King (Earth-928)

Darryl King, better known as Fearmaster, was a Vice President[5] and Board member[4] of Alchemax Corporation, in charge of overseeing Public Eye Unlimited's activities.[1] Fearmaster was also leader of the criminal cartel Cyber-Nostra,[1] as well as Temple Captain and Fourth Encounterist of the Church of the Identified Flying Object, or I.F.O.[2]

At some point, the alien entity Kelmizadek[6] gave Fearmaster a mutated hand which had several powers, including flesh calcification,[7] turning flesh into minerals,[8] and deaging old people.[2] He had also built an Endymion Room at his mansion, where he kept the solidified corpses of the girls he had touched[8] with his Midas Touch.[9]

The Punisher

When Public Eye officer Jake Gallows secretly started operating as the Punisher,[10] both Cyber-Nostra Under-Capo Multi-Fractor[7][8] and Public Eye Commissioner Bennelli informed Fearmaster about the danger he was representing.[2] Fearmaster then decided to employ the criminal organization known as Ninja-Nostra and its leader, Slithar, to ultimately kill the Punisher.[2] However, even Ninja-Nostra failed in its mission, with Slithar himself killed by the Punisher.[11]

Fearmaster then had a meeting with his fellow Alchemax Vice-President Tyler Stone at I.F.O.'s Nebula Hospice, where they discussed Stone's fault in the escape of a degen known as Mr. Muscle,[12] as well as an ultimate resolution to Spider-Man and the Punisher's situations.[3] Fearmaster decided to act personally, turning Punisher's lover Kerry Dowenn into a metal statue and killing her.[13]

C.E.O. of Eco Central

Tired of his subordinates' failures in handling the super-hero plague, Alchemax C.E.O. Avatarr set up a Board Meeting at Alchemax Headquarters, where he took charge of resolving the problem himself by creating a team of false Aesir gods which would completely supplant the people's belief in the so-called new heroes. Avatarr then killed Alchemax Director-General[14] and C.E.O.[9] of Eco Central Anderthorp Henton, appointing Fearmaster as the new Eco C.E.O.[4]

As Chief Executive of Eco Central, Fearmaster had a meeting with former Eco Commander Paul-Philip Ravage, suspected by Eco Agent Alec Dupledge to have connections with the hero nicknamed Beast-Man.[15] Fearmaster tried to kill him unleashing an Animek android against him, but Ravage turned into the Beast-Man, destroyed the Animek and escaped the Eco Central Building.[9]

When former Cyber-Nostra Under-Capo Multi-Fractor, previously killed by the Punisher,[2] was resurrected as a Cyborg by a mortician doctor, Fearmaster disobeyd Avatarr's orders, re-assuming him and sending him to kill the Punisher.[16] While Multi-Fractor was imprisoned in Punisher's Punishment Hotel, Avatarr, who had seen Fearmaster's disobedience through his Temporal Multi-Vision, summoned King to Alchemax Headquarters in order to remind his position and his disobedience, nevertheless leaving him alive.[17]


He has gained a mutation from aliens, who transform slowly his body, starting by his hand, named by some The Hand of Gods. This mutation granted him Molecular and cellular control: He can alter living flesh in mineral matter (gold, mud, glass, silver..),[8][6] generate unnatural biological phenomenon such as calcification in flesh[18] or reyouth old people.[2]

He also displayed Super-strength, after a enhancement of his hand. He state to possesses a forty tons punch.[16]


Master planner and organizer, talented strategist and tactician.


Unrevealed 21st Century fabrics, plus a special glove worn on his right hand made of unknown materials immune to his superhuman power.


Vehicles owned by Alchemax, Cyber-Nostra, Eco Central, and Public Eye.

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