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When Tony Stark established Stark Unlimited, he became conscious of robot ethics,[2] and gave his former A.I. executive assistant Friday a physical body.[3] Afterwards, he replaced Friday with Databus, a very basic artificial intelligence that possessed no sentience.[1]

When the Skrull G'illian Blax'zthor faked her death while impersonating Squirrel Girl to delude the Skrull Empire, she expected the heroine to quickly reveal that she was actually alive. Instead, she visited Tony Stark to discuss the possibility of a looming Skrull invasion after deducing that her imposter was a Skrull. G'illian followed Squirrel Girl and took Tony Stark's place after their meeting.[4] She also accessed the information recorded by Databus to try to blend in better.

When Squirrel Girl and her friend Nancy Whitehead visited Stark again, they discerned that he had been replaced. When confronted, G'illian had Databus deploy weapons from her terminal and fire at Squirrel Girl and Nancy.[1] Squirrel Girl tried to use Databus' primitiveness to her favor and asked her to cease fire, but G'illian asked it to resume and lock all firing commands to her voice. Nancy began to ask Databus perform infinite calculations to keep her instruction cycles busy, eventually causing it to cease all fire.[5]

  • Databus is named after the term for a system within a computer or device that provides transportation for data.

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