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Quote1 But believe it or not, there are things older in this world than Captain America. And what I was, what I represented, was a need as old as humanity itself. And the need for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, well, it is forever. You see, they could kill a dreamer. But they could never kill the dream. They could jail the revolutionary. But they could never jail the revolution. Quote2
-- Sharon Carter


When Captain America was framed for the murder of Thunderbolt Ross, he turned himself into the authorities. This prompted Dryad to bring together the current incarnation of the Daughters to help clear his name, many of whom were summoned by Sharon Carter.[1]

After returning from blackmailing Mayor Fisk for information, Sharon meets with Misty, Mockingbird and White Tiger to reveal that Ross' true murder was The Foreigner, the ex-husband of Silver Sable.[2]

The Daughters meet up with the Dryad in order to discuss their plans, with Toni having downloaded the schematics for the Myrmidon, and Jessica and Sue discussing using a prisoner to help stage a breakout. Bobbi suggests using brownouts to sneak in and Dryad begins doling out missions, deciding she will go after The Foreigner herself.[3]

Five weeks later, Sue infiltrates the Myrmidon to begin enacting the escape plan and injects Dr. Franklin with an unknown substance that causes a blackout in the prison. Meanwhile, Dryad has attacked five of The Foreigner's safe houses in New York City.[4]

Due to the blackout in the prison, the prisoners have rioted, giving Rogers the chance to escape and meet up with Sue and Misty, who have apprehended the Myrmidon's warden, Baron von Strucker. Meanwhile, Dryad faces The Foreigner directly, though their battle is cut short when Crossbones and Sin attack the two with a missile, seemingly killing The Foreigner. Bobbi and Jessica then meet with Sue, Misty and Steve outside of the prison, while Sharon and Toni coordinate all the missions.[5]

While Dryad is having ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. psi-agents remove all pertinent intel from von Strucker's mind, Winter Soldier is standing by, feeding information about Steve to Nick Fury on her request. During this, Steve himself is asking for the Daughters to be his team and help him out of his current situation. Later on, Sharon meets with Bucky and Dryad to check on the status of von Strucker's intel, and Dryad reveals herself to be Peggy Carter.[6]


  • The Daughters have two unnamed members who have appeared in both issue 9 and issue 12:
    • A Caucasian brunette wearing glasses and a choker resembling Victoria Hand, sans the red streak in her hair.
    • A woman wearing a mohawk and a black tank top, though in issue 9 she is depicted as a Caucasian red-head resembling Gladiatrix, and in issue 12 she is depicted as a white-haired African-American resembling Storm.

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