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Dave was a member of Scott Lang's crew and was invited by Luis to eat waffles and discuss a potential job that Scott refused to do.

Once Scott had agreed to the job, Dave became their getaway driver. They eventually successfully broke into Hank Pym's home and Scott ended up stealing, unknown to him, the original Ant-Man suit.

They were invited back to the house by Hank and Hope Van Dyne to discuss pulling off a heist in Pym Tech. After finally going over there roles, the group set out to pull off the heist of the Yellowjacket suit. As the wheels on the ground, Dave kept an eye on the surroundings of the operation. When he noticed a pair of undercover cops about to arrest Hank, he broke into the cop's car and rode off to give Hank a chance to escape. The cops eventually found the van they were hiding in and got apprehended until Hank caused a big enough distraction for the cops to leave them be. Dave and the others drove to Scott's house hoping to help but drove away as soon as they saw the multiple cop cars parked outside.[1]

A few years later, Dave, along with Luis, Kurt, and Scott all formed a new security business called X-Con Security Consultants. In the 3 days before Scott's 2-year house arrest was over, they were visited by Hank, Scott, and Hope in hopes of finding a way to get back their stolen lab. Later, Dave, Luis, and Kurt were all interrogated by Sonny Burch and his henchmen using truth serum. It was then that he revealed that the company had been going into bankruptcy and that their next job could save them. Later, as Scott was tracking down the stolen lab, Dave and Kurt noticed that he was in trouble so they went down and saved Luis from being shot by Burch and his men. This event got their business to boom as they were all interviewed later by national news.[2]


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