Dave Chatterton tried and failed to commit suicide. He attempted suicide by jumping from a 50-storey building, which happened to contain one of Sersi's apartments. She arrested his fall as he passed her window. She became intrigued by his reasons for killing himself (that he felt himself outside and looking in on life) and "adopted" him. She used her illusion-casting abilities to shock him into some awareness of life, and he eventually regained his sense of self-worth.

Feeling that he had to help the Eternals in their war against the Deviants, he set off for Olympia, arriving in time to hear Ghaur's plans via Thena's crystal of contact. Cybele robed him like a Deviant and teleported him to the City of Toads to find and warn Ikaris. He did so just before being killed by the Ghaur-controlled Sersi in the guise of Margo. He warned them of Ghaur's plans and told them of Margo's death before dying.

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