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Dave Thorpe

Dave Thorpe

Real Name
David Thorpe
Dave Thorpe

Marvel UK; SpiderBaby Grafix; Mad Love Publishing



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Place of Birth
England , UK

Date of Birth

, 1954

Professional History

Dave Thorpe began his career in comics by revamping the character Captain Britain in partnership with editor Paul Neary and artist Alan Davis. He wrote the strip from Marvel Superheroes #377 up until the penultimate page of the installment in issue #386, when he was replaced by Alan Moore. Thorpe introduced the idea that the Earth of the mainstream Marvel Universe was designated Earth-616, which has since been accepted as its official designation; he chose the number 616 because it is in one interpretation of the Bible the 'number of the Beast', an obscure joke instigated because of his general disdain for most superhero comics. After leaving Marvel UK, from 1985-1990 Thorpe had some success writing Doc Chaos, and also the novel Hybrids. He has worked as either a writer or an editor for Marvel, Titan Books, Vortex and Eclipse Enterprises.

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