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Real Name
Mother Goddess of Madripoor
The Gods of Madripoor
Base of Operations
Temple in Madripoor
Living Status
Mother Goddess[1]; protector of dragons[2]
Unusual Skin Color
Unusual Features
Scaly skin
Creators and Appearances


Davi Naka is the Mother Goddess worshipped in the small island-nation of Madripoor, located south of Singapore in the vicinity of the Indonesian archipelago.[1] She is the protector of all the world's dragons.[2]

In modern times, the Olympian drakon Ismenios, son of the Olympian war god Ares, plundered the underwater kingdom of Atlantis' greatest treasure hoard after the sacred sea serpent who protected the treasure went missing. Ismenios was caught by the Atlantean king, Namor, who was about to kill him for his transgression if not for the timely intervention of Davi Naka. As the protector of dragons, Davi Naka rescued Ismenios and placated the angry Atlanteans by imprisoning him safely within her own sacred temple in Madripoor.[2]

Davi Naka

Months later, Ismenios' father Ares recruited Shang-Chi and Sword Master to infiltrate Davi Naka’s Madripoorean temple and rescue Ismenios. There, the trio were confronted by Davi Naka and her stone golems.  Ares charged at Davi Naka but was quickly overwhelmed by her combination of power and agility, while Sword Master's Sword of Fu Xi defied its wielder and instead sided with Davi Naka. The goddess explained to the others how she rescued Ismenios from the Atlanteans. Ares and Ismenios then attempted to leave the temple, but Davi Naka warned them that if they left under those circumstances then they would be held responsible by the Atlanteans for the disappearance of their sacred sea serpent.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Davi Naka has exhibited tremendous superhuman agility and strength, putting her on a strength level equal to Ares, if not greater.  She is also capable of projecting powerful energy blasts from her hands that can injure other gods. She can generate large, bat-like wings from her back which enable her to fly. Davi Naka also commands a legion of powerful, stone golems that inhabit her sacred temple.


  • According to Marvel Atlas #1 (November 2007), Hinduism is the primary religion practiced in Madripoor, with its followers believing that, after death, the physical body must be returned to the Pancamahabhuta (the five sacred elements) before their soul can be released to meet the Supreme Being.[3]
  • As depicted in the Marvel Atlas #1 (November 2007) and Sword Master (2019-2021), the fictional religion of Madripoor appears to be modeled after the form of Balinese Hinduism practiced in Bali, Indonesia, which includes worship of a variety of gods and goddesses unique to Bali and not found in Indian Hinduism.  “Davi” may be a corruption of “devi,” the Sanskrit term for “goddess” found in Vedic literature. Similarly, "Naka" may be a corruption of "Nāga," a divine race of half-human, half-serpent beings that can assume human form found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Southeast Asian mythology.
  • Although the Sword Master comics refer to the “gods of Madripoor,” Davi Naka is the only deity depicted.
  • Davi Naka mentioned to Ares that the Asian gods had been around since before his father, Zeus, soiled his first diaper.[2]  

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