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Eliab was one of the eight sons of Jesse and lived in Bethlehem with his father and brothers, the youngest being David.

Samuel came, sent by God to find a son among the sons of Jesse, and thought Eliab would be the chosen one, but God told him he wasn't.

Jesse had a messenger sent to drag David, his last son, for Samuel to check him. Samuel was told by God that David was his chosen one, and so anointed him, so that the spirit of God would be upon him. Samuel then departed.

Afterwards, the king Saul was troubled and disturbed as the spirit of the Lord had left him and an evil spirit inhabited him. His servants sought music to soothe him and make the evil spirit leave. One of them told Saul of David's skills at the harp, and so Jesse sent his son with food and wine to the king.

At the court, David played for the king in agony, and as he played, the evil spirit left, and the king was restored and at peace. In gratitude, Saul made David his armor-bearer.[1]

He became King of Israel, and had a son, Solomon.[2]

The House of David would later include Joseph of Nazareth.[3]



David was apparently a boy healthy and handsome.[1]


Skilled harp player.[1]





David wrote the Book of Psalms.[4]

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