David Bond was a struggling illustrator for an unknown sales company at the time of his new mutant activation. He and his girlfriend, Karen were having a dispute over their relationship right around the time he realized his evolved power, discovering he could control vehicles.[1]

To test his findings he and his girlfriend, Karen road down to a parking lot at night, where to his astonishment he found his inquisitive test to be right as he issued orders to multiple cars by activating and deactivating them with his thoughts. Unfortunately this was also right around the time when the local police were making their rounds and after having heard all the commotion that he made, quickly apprehended both David and his girlfriend. While trying to attest his own innocence his two-faced former mate quickly gave way that he was a mutant out of fear and self-preservation, after David had made their police car drive off without its respective law enforcers he attempted to flee and was shot for it. Luckily he was rescued in time by member's of Cyclops's X-Men team; Magik and the Stepford Cuckoos from said-pursuers and would-be persecutors.[2]

After Mindee used her telepathy to numb the pain, and while Magik was offering him to join the X-Men, David later passed out from his injuries only to regain consciousness at the new base of the Uncanny X-Men thereafter, healed by Triage.[2]


David Bond (Earth-616) 002

David being rescued by Frost and the Xavier Students.

During a training session with the other X-Men students Scott had Mr. Bond practice using his new abilities on a recently constructed Miniaturized Blackbird. After nearly crushing everyone under it, he and the rest of the team picked up a call that one of their former numbers; Fabio had been snatched up by a S.H.I.E.L.D. sanctioned New Mutant response division headed by Dazzler.

After having rescued their comrade, Cyclops had Hijack (the code-name given by Cyclops to him) brought along to see if he could test both the upper and outer limits of his power. Which Hijack had accomplished by commandeering the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier that had detained their ex X-Man, steering it clear over the Caspian Sea just before escaping with the rest of his team.[3]

He later appears in the pro-mutant rally alongside the others and assisted in the battle against the Blockbuster Sentinel. While his powers were not able to work on it (although it is unknown if it was because it was not a vehicle or the Sentinels state as something between mechanical and biological) he protected Cyclops by directing a bus into it.[4] During the training trip to Tabula Rasa he makes a mistake by using his cell phone despite being warned that it would be tracked. As a result, S.H.I.E.L.D. and members of the Avengers showed up and confronted the team. Because he was warned and unrepentant, he was kicked out of the school and sent back to his old home.[5]

Normalcy Found & Lost

In light of recent events David is seemingly readjusting to regular life once again but life seemed to have other plans in store; a shield garrison headed by Director Hill stopped by his house and moved every automotive device within his home town vicinity; off site, in order to prevent any attempt at escape or assail against them.[6] As Maria was interrogating him over the location of Scott Summers and His new hideout, an alert was received over his and his teams next appearance in Chicago. After packing up and heading out David was left completely alone in his now, seemingly more so than ever before, isolated housing. Seeking to re-find his purpose in life Hijack set back out find what it was, little did he know that another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent set near his dwelling had been keeping tabs on him for home base.[7]

As the commotion between S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men and the Jean Grey School could be seen even in the outer reaches of Westchester; New York city, some towns people were commenting on how A. the storm brewing nearly several years in the making between the former and latter has finally hit home and B. that the clash between them. which seemed imminent at the time would be biblical in proportions, made them all decide it was high time to find cover. Hijack living up to his mutant moniker, snatched up one of the onlookers rides and strode off into the direction of imminent danger. Having arrived just in the nick of time as renegade sentinels and pirated Helicarrier albatrosses were about to lay siege to Logan's School, the disposed X-Man usurped control of the originally usurped said floating fortresses and mutant killing mechs that had been in actuality been piloted from the shadows by a disgruntled and dying Dark Beast. Who had also set up his home base; which was an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier which he modified using futuristic designs from his reality, to self destruct with Cyclops and Beast still inside. David, with Illyana's help managed to deactivate the countdown mechanism under Scott's orders.[8]

After Cyclops disbands the New Xavier School and requests that the students enroll in the Jean Grey School, David, along with the other students, are outraged. They assist Dazzler in capturing Mystique. Later at a gig that Dazzler is performing at, David, Fabio, Christopher, the Stepford Cuckoos and Benjamin are concocting a plan not to join the other school and creating their own group.

The students appears at a high school to stop an angry mutant, Blake, who had the powers to summon demons. The Cuckoos shifted into their diamond form and simultaneously used their telepathy at the same time to hinder Blake's assault on her mutant-hating father, while Benjamin was trying to stop her using his powers, inducing her to like him and trust him. During the onslaught, Celeste and Fabio are injured, but they are quickly healed by Triage.[9] This battle makes Goldballs an internet sensation until the public finds out he is a mutant and is injured by a glass bottle. Enraged, the Cuckoos nearly kill the mutant-hating attacker. With the other students, they return to the Jean Grey School and admit to Storm that they were not ready for the world and the world was not ready for them.

Marvel Legacy

Hijack was later seen among the student body at the Xavier School.[10] He also got a job working for the Stark Industries board, and attempted to confiscate Ironheart's armor on their behalf to no avail.[11]


David Bond is a mutant and was stated to be one of the "too powerful for the world" ones by Maria Hill.[8]

Technopathy: Hijack has the ability to usurp control of vehicular mechanisms with his thoughts. All he has to do is focus his mind on said device and he can make its engines run, doors open and close, or ride through hoops by ordering it to do so. So far the upper limits his control have not been discovered, to date he has shown he can jury-rig an entire Helicarrier with moderate effort[3] and later on re-commandeer many of them when they were already controlled by another person, while stopping countless giant and human-sized Sentinels both standard and Blockbuster variants in their tracks.[8] Hijack's ability also works on hi-tech armor worn by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[5]

Most of his artwork are actually works from other Marvel comics.

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