David Bray's son, Simon, attempted to rob a woman to get money to pay for Tony Stark's new Extremis 3.0 app. The woman recorded on video how the robbery was thwarted by Daredevil and uploaded on the Internet.

David with Extremis

When Tony Stark presented himself in Castro Street, David confronted him for the type of desperation the Extremis app caused. He pulled out a gun and shot Stark point blank in the face. Stark's graphene helmet protected him. He flew David to the heights, to punish him for threatening his product.

Stark researched about Simon, and told David he would leave no trace of the video anywhere, only if he accepted to try Extremis app and tell the crowd cheering for Stark that the scene he made was part of an act. David was forced to agree, because if not, Stark would have made his life and his son's worse.

After he accepted, David was taken back to the ground by Stark, as the Extremis app perfected his body, to David's astonishment.[1]

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