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Not much has been revealed about the mercenary known as Armada, including his origin and early history. In his first recorded exploit, Armada was hired by the villain Mysterio to obtain for him an experimental "DIT" chip, which could project thoughts as visible illusions. Armada was confronted by Spider-Man but escaped with the chip.[1] Mysterio then used the chip to attempt to assassinate Spider-Man, but Spider-Man defeated Mysterio and his ally.[2] Later, Armada and Mysterio teamed up to fight Spider-Man, but were defeated again. Armada ended his pact with Mysterio, believing that he had been tricked.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[5]
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Armada possesses no superhuman powers, but relies on his armor and hi-tech weaponry. His armor provides him with flight capability and superhuman strength, reflexes, and resistance to injury. His weapons are in the form of small robots that surround him and/or are stored in his armor. Each robot is unique in some respects, including each having its own unique name (all female names), but most have similar equipment for laser, gas, and other offensive attacks.


Armada has "some kind of emotional attachment to his gizmos."[1]


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