Whirlwind was one of the villains Spider-Man faced in his first year of superhero career. At a certain point of time, Whirlwind was captured by Spider-Man and later escaped. He could be later seen on the Helicarrier monitor as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Most Wanted supervillains.[1]

He later returned and attacked New York creating a giant tornado, he was then taken down by Spider-Man.[2]

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Bodily Rotation: Whirlwind is a mutant who possesses the ability to rotate his body around its lengthwise axis at superhuman speeds. He can spin as fast as 400 revolutions per minute, and still speak, hear, and see his environment while spinning. Virtually nothing can touch him; most people and objects are repelled by the centrifugal force if they try to impede his motion.

  • Superhuman Speed: His spinning ability makes it possible for him to move along the ground in any direction at superhuman speeds. He can travel at up to 50 miles per hour in a straight line for 30 minutes without tiring appreciably. While spinning, the Whirlwind cannot be touched or caught due to the tremendous angular momentum created by his rotation. His agility and maneuverability are such that he can usually twist and turn to avoid any obstacles.
  • Flight: He has taught himself, through concentration, to fly.
  • Tornado Creation: By rapidly spinning his arms, he could form small tornadoes that could be used against opponents.
  • Wind Jet Stream: He can focus the air currents created by his spinning into a jet stream powerful enough to blast a hole through a brick wall.


  • Whirlwind Blades: Whirlwind employs two 10 inch diameter saw blades mounted on metal bracelets and driven by two DC servomotors each. Activated by switches on the palm, the twin blades spin at approximately 1600 revolutions per minute. Their hardened tool steel composition enables them to saw through virtually any substance softer than steel. When employed while Whirlwind spins, they are extremely deadly weapons. Whirlwind also employs shurikens (throwing stars) which he can propel at high velocities. He sometimes replaces them with other weapons that compliment his powers such as arm-blades.

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