Dave Dean was an undersea diver active during the 1940's. He was diving in China's South Sea with the aid of his friend Fred "Shorty" Baxter. While attempting to collect pearls, he would be attacked by the "Deep Sea Demon" and be forced to surface. Struck with the bends, he would be nursed back to health by yacht owner Phillip Blackwood, and Janet Winslow. Dean would suspect the nearby Wing Po of the attack, until one of his own divers surfaced dead.

David Dean getting ready to go diving

Investigating further, Dave would battle the Deep Sea Demon, knocking him out and bringing him to the surface. He would unmask his attacker, revealing him to be Phil Blackwood, who had bombed his brother's yacht to claim its cargo, and posed as the Demon to force both Dean and Po away from the location.[1]

Deans subsequent activities are unknown.

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Dave Dean is a professional diver.



Dave Dean utilized deep sea diving equipment that was commonly used in the 1940's.


When diving, Dave armed himself with a knife.


  • Dave Dean appears as a character in Funny Pages Vol. 2 #1(9/37) where the Deep Sea Demon is named the Devil of the Deep[[1]]. Fred Guardineer is connected to both[[2]].

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