David Eschol was the son of pawn shop owner Joshua Eschol, who raised his son to be a faithful believer in Judaism. One day David's father came into possession an ancient and powerful statuette called the Chimera, created in Pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis that granted its wielder power over the very cosmos. While discussing the ethical and moral implications of having the literal power of God in their hands, Jacob's shop was attacked by minions of the evil Dr. Sun who wished to use the Chimera for his own ends. In the struggle, Jacob was murdered and the agents of Dr. Sun made off with most of the statue.

As the statue was composed of three components that could be separated, the murdering thieves unknowingly left behind the tail portion as they stole it. With the police arriving, David recovered the tail and keep it in his possession. Also seeking the Chimera was Dracula, who upon learning that Jacob Eschol had been murdered and his son David was in possession of at least a portion of the statue dispatched his slave Sheila Whittier to gain David's trust. Posing as a museum curator coming to examine the Chimera, she easily gained David's trust and learned the truth of the situation and agreed to help him find the rest of the statue[1].

Their search eventually tarried on long enough to warrant Dracula's direct involvement, he used the tail of the statue to raise a legion of vampires to seek out the rest of the statue. Finding no more use for David, Dracula attempted to feed upon him, however David's own Star of David repelled the vampire. Their struggle ended when they were captured by Sun's men[2] and brought before his agent Mae Li, who used the Chimera against them, taunting them with phantom constructs of their enemies and loved ones. David had his beliefs tested, however he overcame the illusions brought on by the Chimera. Defeating Mai Lei, Dracula seized the Chimera and attempted to claim its power. Realizing the true nature of Dracula, Shiela grabbed the Chimera out of his hand and smashed it to bits. Denouncing him, she left with David[3].

The two started a brief romance, however the fear of reprisals from the king of the vampires prompted David to go out and attempt to slay Dracula while the vampire lord slept. This ended tragically as Dracula rose from his tomb before David had a chance to drive a stake through the vampire's heart and beat him to death. Dracula then took David's dead body to the apartment where Shiela had been staying in an attempt to win her back. Not willing to live a life of servitude to Dracula ever again, Shiela chose suicide instead and threw herself from the apartment window to the street below[4].

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